Hello Pubg Lovers, Hope you are Taking Chicken with you Everyday, If not then I’m Sorry about that. Don’t lose hope, Actually, we got Best Guns in Pubg Mobile through which you can take the Chicken.

Many of you think that we need a Good Iq and some experience to win the game, But remember always, The only most important thing through which you can win the game is “Best Guns”, Without these you can not.

What are the Best Guns in Pubg Mobile?

In Pubg Mobile we see that new players they just get two assault rifles whole the game, If you are one of them, know this.

You Got feature to get Two Guns in Pubg Mobile, You have to take the full advantage. But what you do? Do you take an “M416” or “Scar-L” with “AKM“?

It is not the correct way, because assault rifles are same whether it is scar-l or m416 or AKM , You need to have a Sniper Rifle along with an Assault rifle. Because Pubg has got a Big Mag, and it consists Mountains, Hidden Places where pro players hide.

To Hit those players you need a Sniper with a scope 4x, 6x, 8x, These are the must. At least you have to get a 4x scope if you got a Sniper.

Okay Let’s Jump straight to the Topic, But Remember to use Long Range Guns ( Snipers ) As well – Always

#1 Best Guns in Pubg Mobile – Scar-L


Scar-L has been the Most Loved Gun in Pubg Mobile, Because everyone knows the Power of Scar-L, Even this weapon is so damn good in Long Range Shoots.

If you switch this gun from “Auto” to “Single”, and use a 6x scope, It can be a Good Sniper as well. But it does not mean that you take it as a sniper.

The First best thing about this gun is Scope Acceptance!

It can take 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x but not 8x. Well, the best combination for scar-L is 2x scope or the Red Dot Scope.


The Next Best Thing about this gun is “Extended Mag“. if you don’t know hat is Extended mag, an Extended mag is Mag which helps you to get 40 Bullets at one time Reload.

Basically, you can see that scar-l got only 30 bullets by default mag, but when you get an extended mag, it can take 40 bullets. You can find this in Houses and Rooms or the Crate of a  Died Player.

Okay, I don’t want to bore you with specifications, Well, scar-L has got some amazing Features which other guns don’t have.

  • Bullets – 5.56mm
  • Damage – 43
  • Bullet Speed – 870 m/s
  • Firing mode – Single/Auto
  • Time Between shots – 0.096s
  • Method – Magazine

Scar-L is the  Best Combination with a Sniper “Kar-98”, “AWM” or “M24”

#2 Best Guns in pubg Mobile – M416


M416 is the best Alternative or you can say Most Powerful Than “Scar-L”, I will tell you why M416 is powerful than Scar-L.


  • Bullets – 5.56mm
  • Hit Damage – 43
  • Time between shots – 0.0857s
  • Firing Mode – Single/Auto

You can see the Time Between Shots is “0.0857”, well for Scar-L is “0.096”, This is the Reason why m416 is better than Scar-L.

In short, we can say, M416 is more fastest that Scar-L in Firing, It takes less time to shoot another bullet when compare to Scar-L.

Scopes: 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, red dot and other small. The Best Scope suits this are 2x, Red-dot

Similarly, it can be the best combination with “Kar-98” Sniper.

Applicable for

  1. Extended Mag
  2. Suppressor

#3 Best Guns in Pubg Mobile – AKM


First of all let me tell you, yes it is more powerful than Any other weapons, as it uses 7.62mm Bullets, maybe you don’t know but any weapon that uses 7.62mm bullets are more powerful in the whole game, but there are some lack of features when compare to “Scar-L” and “M416“.


  • Hit Damage – 49
  • Bullet Speed – 715 m/s
  • Time Between shots – 0.100s
  • Firing Mode – Auto/Single

Well, you can see the Damage is 49, which is way better than “Scar-L” and “M416”, BUt there is something you need to know. Speed always matter The time between shots is 0.100s which is greater than Scar-L and M416, they got less time.

Similarly, yes AKM can kill players in just seconds if they are near, but controlling is the disadvantage.

Only very few players can control AKM recoiling, one of the most uncontrollable guns in pubg mobile.

But you can try it and experience it, it is you wish. Maybe you can play it by modifying the sensitivity of Red-Dot.

Scopes – 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, Red-dot, Mira-Dot, The Best is “Red-Dot”.

Applicable for

  1. Extended Mag
  2. Suppressor

One thing to note, AKM can be a most powerful sniper if you use it on single fire mod with 6x. Yes, it is true, if you got no sniper, but you got AKM with 6x, then you can play with your far enemy.


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