Best Settings for Pubg Mobile to get “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”

Hello Pubg Players, Hope everyone is Getting the Chicken Dinner Like me, If you are not able to get the Chicken Dinner or Kills.

Then here I’m sharing my secrets how I get more than 10+ kills and Chicken.

First of all, You should know that Settings are the second priority of any pro player, There is the first priority of every pro player out there.

What is the First Priority?

The First Priority is the Calculation and Enemy Next Move Prediction.

We have to Predict the Next Move of our enemy before we go into the Fight or the Situation. To do this, Our history can help us.

I mean your Experience is the key for enemy next move prediction in the game, so stay focused on the situations where you have been killed or knocked out.

Similarly, there are a number of things that matter a lot for the pro players besides the Best Settings for Pubg Mobile.

So Let’s Get Started straightforward to Settings!

#1 Best Setting: Graphics

Yes, Majority of Players Never Adjust their Graphics for a Better and Smooth Gameplay.

Just Understand this sentence, To win the game and gain skills, You need to be Fast and Effective.

As a Result, If you have to be Fast, Then your Mobile needs to be Fast. Your Graphics and fps should be Matching perfectly for a Smooth Gameplay.

We can see the Different Options in the Settings, But If you are Playing the Game on Below or 2gb Ram Mobiles, Then do this.

Setting Graphics

On the First Line, you can see there is a List containing ( Smooth, Balanced, Hd, Hdr, Ultra Hd ).

Best Setting Pubg

In these, Only first Two Options are Available for 2gb Ram mobiles

  • Smooth
  • Balanced

Here, Select the option Smooth Only, Never Select the option no.2 Balanced, it will Lag the Game Because it will Try to Balance the Graphics with High-Quality Pixels.

Next, Mobiles with Greater RAM’s includes these options

  • Smooth
  • Balanced
  • Hd
  • Hdr

The Best option for These Kind of Mobile is, Balanced.

Similarly, The next Line consists of ” Frame Rate “

Best Setting Pubg

For 2GB RAM Mobiles, There is only Two options are Available

  1. Low
  2. Medium

Some People Think That Selecting the Low will give them a Smooth Play, which is Absolutely Wrong.

Ignore the “Low” One, and just Hit the “Medium” Option, Because, for a Better and Smooth Gameplay, Fps should be High.

Similarly, for More than 2GB RAM mobiles, You can select the Last Option Available for your Mobile.

Next is “Style”

In This Column, There are Four Options Available for Every Mobile, But This Really matters A lot for Lower RAM and Higher RAM Mobiles.

Best Setting Pubg

Among these,

  1. Classic
  2. Colorful
  3. Realistic
  4. Soft

You can Select Classic for better and Smooth Gameplay in Lower RAM mobiles, But you can Also go with the “soft” Option, It is also acceptable for lower RAM’s.

Similarly for Higher RAM’s you can Select Any of These According to your Comfortable EyeSight.

Tip: Never Use the “Realistic” Option Because it will cause you to Increase the Screen Brightness, As it is not Comfortable to Locate Enemies in the grass and Trees.

Last, we Have “Auto-Adjust Graphics”

Best Setting Pubg

There is only a Button with “Disable and Enable

Just Enable this, Either you have Low RAM or Higher RAM.

#2 Best Setting: Controls

On the Right Side Menu, There is an Option Called “Controls“.

Best Setting Pubg

You will see a Page where you can set the Buttons Positions and Resize Them According to your Screen Size and Finger Movements.

Many People Get Confuse In this and Get Killed by the Enemy because of wrong Button Placements.

Button Size

There are some Buttons you Need to Increase Their Size, Not a lot of Buttons.

First Button you Need to Increase The Size isShoot Buttons

Just click the Buttons, there are two buttons available, one on the Right side and the other is on the left side. Don’t Change their Position, because the default position is the best position.

Just click on them and Increase the Size with the Help of the Top Bar on the top of the screen. Not too much, just set it to 140% Only.

Best Setting Pubg

Sorry to say but, Everything is fine here, Just increase the Shoot button sizes and everything will be perfect. There is no need to change the position of buttons unless you find something uncomfortable for your Fingers.

Finally, “Save” this and Click “Exit”. If you did anything wrong, then you can click “Reset” and everything will be restored.

#3 Best Setting: Sensitivity

On the Right Menu, You can see this option “Sensitivity”, Some people ask “Do Sensitivity is Necessary“?

best setting pubg

Well, Yes It is Necessary for Facing the Enemies and Shooting them with Scopes, Similarly it responsible for the Camera view and Aiming a Moving Enemy.

Inside This, you can see the Four Options ” Low, Medium, High, Customize 

For Better and Best, High is the Perfect Option for Best Sensitivity for Majority of Mobile Phones, Just Click the High and that’s it.

Just Play the game, you will notice some changes with scopes and camera views which are perfect for Getting Kills and Controlling “Recoil” of Weapons.

#4 Best Setting: Pick Up

Next, to the Sensitivity you can see the “Pick Up” Option, just click it and you will see a Lot of Things Inside This.

On the First Line, you see Four Options, Follow this Below Table and Enable and Disable Them according to this below table,

  1. Auto Pick UpENABLE
  2. Stop auto Pick-up when the list is collapsedENABLE
  3. Auto pickup PistolsENABLE
  4. Auto pickup Lv. 3 BackpacksENABLE

Second Line – Set Ammo Pickup Limit

In this, you will get a row of 8 Options: Assault Rifle, Marksman Rifle, Snipers Rifles, SMG, Shotguns, LMG, Pistol, Others.

best setting pubg

What you have to do is, just select the Desired weapons Category from the Row, and you will get the List of All weapons in the Game. Besides the Gun Name, you can see the Amount Bar, just Set it according to your Desired Selection.

What is it About?

It is the auto function where the game picks up the bullets automatically when you get ammo in the crates and houses.

best setting pubg

For example, if it is set to “150”, then the game will stop auto picking when you got “150” bullets of a particular weapon.

So set the amount of your desired need – The perfect amount is 200

Similarly, when you Go Down, You can see  – Recovery Item Pick-up Limit

This is the same Amount setting, but not for the Ammo, it is about First Aid, Bandages, Health Drinks, Painkiller.

best setting pubg

Just Set you Desired Auto Pickup Amount.

  1. Med Kit – 3
  2. First Aid Kit – 5
  3. Bandages – 10
  4. Energy Drink – 6
  5. Painkiller – 5
  6. Adrenaline Syringe – 3

Below This Again You Have – Grenade Pick up

best setting pubg

  1. Frag Grenade – 3
  2. Smoke Grenade – 3
  3. Stun Grenade – 2

This is the Better amount for Grenades, Just Follow these and set the Settings Now.

If anything goes Wrong, then Hit the “Default” Button in the Left Side Bottom.

At Last, I want to say is, Just Practise and Practise, You will be Perfect One day, Best Setting for Pubg mobile is your Understanding the Controls and Movements of you Character, Just understand them and change them according to your Needs.

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